Oscars 2008

80th Annual Academy Awards Show Opener

An action-packed, high-energy voyage into modern-day Hollywood, seamlessly interweaving blockbuster movie scenes and renowned actors, taking the Academy Awards night to new heights.

The show must go on

In the wake of the phenomenal success of the 2006 Annual Academy Awards Show Opener, Luminus Studio was honored to create a new installment for the 2008 Oscars. The team at Luminus Studio, recognizing my previous contributions, quickly invited me to collaborate on this ambitious new project.

The 2008 Oscars show opener was envisioned as a thrilling continuation of the previous one, with the same magical blend of nostalgia and modernity but with a bold new twist.

This time, the focus would be on action-packed scenes and energetic rhythms, weaving together some of the most iconic blockbuster movies and actors into a heart-pounding cinematic spectacle.

We all knew that the Emmy-award-winning creation had set the bar high, and the pressure was on to deliver a show opener that would match its predecessor's acclaim and surpass it.

Nevertheless, with excitement and determination, we all embraced the challenge, eager to bring the vision of the 2008 Oscars show opener to life.

Let's Make Hollywood Again

My task was to create modern-day Hollywood and New York City environments, incorporating famous landmarks such as the Chinese Theatre, the Kodak Theater, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. These iconic locations would serve as the backdrop for a mesmerizing journey through film history's most unforgettable action sequences.

The project was a unique opportunity to showcase the electrifying intensity of modern cinema while paying tribute to the timeless allure of Hollywood's golden age.

Test Animations

Pace is everything

The true magic, however, lay in the integration of the action-packed movie scenes and characters. The show opener was a masterful blend of pulse-pounding sequences and heart-stopping moments, featuring everything from high-speed car chases to gravity-defying stunts brilliantly directed by Kristijan Petrovic and Renato Grgic.

The video seamlessly interwove these thrilling moments with the iconic landmarks of Hollywood, creating an exhilarating spectacle that captured the essence of cinematic adventure.

To add an extra layer of depth and emotion, the video also incorporated moments of quiet, lullaby-like motion, allowing the audience to catch their breath and savor the beauty of the cinematic world.

These brief moments of calm served as a powerful contrast to the high-octane action scenes, creating a captivating rhythm that left viewers on the edge of their seats.

Excerpts From the Video

In the end

From the serendipitous encounter with my mentee Davor to the Emmy-winning triumph of the 2006 Oscars show opener, my journey in the world of Hollywood had been nothing short of extraordinary.

And now, with the 2008 Oscars show opener, I had once again had a chance to play a part in creating a masterpiece that mesmerized vast audiences across the globe and something that one more time left a lasting impact on my life.

Final Video

Client: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Production: LUMINUS STUDIO for BLT Communications, inc.

This experience served as a powerful reminder of the importance of embracing new challenges, pushing creative boundaries, and always striving for excellence.

It is known that making a sequel is hard, but incredible things can be achieved when talented people come together, united by a shared passion for their craft and a determination to create something exceptional.

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