Payday2: The Golden Grin Casino

Creating Heists: The Evolution of Our Digital Heist Adventure

From spinning the wheels of fortune at the Golden Grin Casino to stoking the fiery grills of The Butcher's BBQ. The story of our hard-earned success and the beginning of a new chapter—our own game.

Vegas Here We Come

Riding on the success of Payday 2: Payday 2: The Butcher's BBQ, we seized the momentum we had generated and embarked on a new heist: The Golden Grin Casino heist. This explosive addition to Payday 2 is teeming with adrenaline-fueled action.

Working on Payday 2 was akin to being part of a high-stakes heist team, where each member's unique skills and expertise were indispensable.

The software engineers were our safe-crackers, expertly manipulating algorithms as if they were intricate lock mechanisms. Our sound engineers served as the getaway drivers, crafting a symphony of sound effects and music to fuel the players' adrenaline.

As for me? I was the armorer, responsible for creating the tools our players would wield to conquer their digital heists.

Trailer for The Golden Grin Casino

Diving In

The Weapons

Same as on The Butcher's BBQ, my main area of focus were weapons and masks. For this pack, we selected the Keltec rifles, which came with fascinating and visually appealing add-ons that greatly enhanced gameplay.

I endeavored to encapsulate their essence in every polygon and texture, paying meticulous attention to the minutest details.

Each gun was not merely an object in the game, but a faithful representation of its real-world counterpart.

My ambition was for the players to feel the weapon's weight in their virtual hands, hear the unique sound of its firing mechanism, and admire the gleaming metal and the rugged texture of the grip.

The Keltec Gen1

My journey began with the Keltec Gen1. High-resolution photographs and detailed schematics of the weapon were secured as the initial step. My attention was particularly drawn to the compact design, the unique layout of the controls, and the distribution of the weapon's weight.

The modeling process commenced with the creation of a base mesh, a simplified 3D model that encapsulated the basic shape and proportions of the weapon.

Upon achieving satisfaction with the base, the focus shifted to the high-poly model, where finer details such as the charging handle, the ejection port, and the internal rifling of the barrel were added.

Following the completion of the high-poly model, the next stage involved transitioning to an in-game low polygon mesh.

The final step consisted of texturing, where I employed Substance Painter to replicate the real-world appearance of the weapon. This process involved creating different materials for the metal and the grips, each designed to reflect light in its own unique way. Significant effort was expended in refining the metal to capture its gleaming, polished look, and the grip to emulate its rugged texture.

This was not just a task; it was an exciting endeavor that resulted in a highly realistic representation of the weapon.

Payday 2: The Golden Grin Casino // Keltec Gen1

The Keltec Gen2

With the experience garnered from the Gen1, the development of the Keltec Gen2 was the next endeavor.

This weapon, while bearing a resemblance to its predecessor, showcased several distinct differences that necessitated special attention.

The modeling process mirrored that of the Gen1 but was tailored to emphasize the unique aspects of the Gen2. One such feature was the redesigned foregrip, more streamlined and ergonomic. These modifications were carefully considered to ensure the model accurately embodied the evolution of the weapon.

Payday 2: The Golden Grin Casino // Keltec Gen2

Weapon Addons: Railed Foregrip and Short Silenced Foregrip

Customization with addons is an integral part of modern firearms. In line with this, two addons were conceived for the Keltec models: a railed foregrip and a short silenced foregrip.

The railed foregrip was a complex piece owing to its detailed construction. The design process began with a sketch, noting the placement of each rail along with the contours and apertures of the grip. The outcome was a highly detailed piece that was not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

The short silenced foregrip posed a distinct challenge. The silencer required a design that was compact yet functional. Attention was given to the silhouette of the piece, ensuring it didn't obstruct the player's view while maintaining its practicality.

The final touches were the intricate details of the silencer's ports and the texture of the grip, culminating in a lifelike addon.

Payday 2: The Golden Grin Casino // Keltec Railed Foregrip

Payday 2: The Golden Grin Casino // Keltec Short Silenced Foregrip

The Heist Masks

The heist masks then came into play. They represented more than mere accessories; they served as icons, reflecting the individual identities of the players.

My goal was to craft masks that resonated with the personalities and narratives of the players, masks that told their own distinctive stories. Each mask represented a canvas, a platform upon which narratives could be constructed and characters sculpted.

To accomplish this task, I readied my Wacom tablet to dive into the world of 3D sculpting.

The application I frequently employ for such work is 3D Coat, primarily due to its superior performance, voxel engine, and dynamic mesh capabilities, all of which enable the creation of intricate details.

Creating the masks was both an effortless and thoroughly enjoyable experience, largely due to the significant creative freedom afforded in the selection of the motif, the artistic direction, and the overall approach. This liberty allowed the process to not just be a task, but an outlet for creative expression.

Payday 2: The Golden Grin Casino // The Gladiator Mask

Payday 2: The Golden Grin Casino // The King Mask

The Golden Grin

After months of tireless effort, Payday 2: The Golden Grin Casino heist was released. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the game expansion was a resounding success. Players worldwide embraced it, reveling in the new weapons and masks we had created.

The Golden Grin Casino was more than just a successful expansion—it demonstrated to Starbreeze that we, as a team, were fully capable of creating a standalone game.

Soon after the release of the The Golden Grin, we received an investment from Starbreeze to develop Raid: World War 2—a concept we had been formulating since the conclusion of the BBQ heists.

In the end, our dedication paid off. The craftsmanship and enthusiasm we invested in were fully rewarded. Our next mission? Our very own game!

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