Payday2: The Butcher's BBQ Heist

Cooking Up Heists: A Journey into the Payday 2 Universe

Exploring the thrilling and intricate process of designing high-stakes action in this acclaimed video game world

The Payday 2 Universe

I remember the day as if it were yesterday. It was the day I joined Lion Game Lion to work on the Payday 2 games. I had received invitations to join them before but had always resisted. Finally, I gave in and joined the team, reuniting with a number of old friends. The team was composed with lots of friends from my Croteam days, and it was indeed a delight to collaborate with them once more.

And there I was, seated in the Lion Game Lion studio—an offspring of the Swedish Starbreeze Studios—located in the heart of Croatia, a mere 100 meters from my home.

My first assignment was laid before me: Payday 2: The Butcher's BBQ Heist.

Payday 2, for those who are unfamiliar, was not merely a game; it was a universe teeming with rich narratives and dynamic experiences. It was a realm where players from across the globe could immerse themselves in high-stakes heists and adrenaline-pumping action.

My first responsibility was to develop weapon models and heist masks for this expansive universe.

Trailer for Payday 2: The Butcher's BBQ

Diving In

The Weapons

My goal was to create weapons that felt real that conveyed the heft and power of their physical counterparts. This endeavor was not just about accuracy; it was about authenticity. I wanted players to experience the thrill of wielding a finely crafted firearm and the surge of power that accompanied it.

Weapons became my initial focus. I aimed to design weapons that were not only visually stunning but also accurate replicas of their real-world counterparts. This process was meticulous and time-consuming. I analyzed every detail, each groove and contour. I sought to capture the gleam of the metal, the rugged texture of the grips, and the intricate patterns of the rifling.

Introducing the AA12 Automatic Shotgun

One of the models that I hold in high esteem is the AA12 automatic shotgun. This weapon, known for its formidable firepower and automatic firing capability in the real world, presented a unique challenge that I was eager to tackle.

My tool of choice for this endeavor was Foundry Modo with the Mesh Fusion addon, a powerful combination that has proven invaluable for hard surface modeling.

Upon acquiring detailed blueprints and high-resolution photos of the AA12, I embarked on a delicate journey to replicate its form and function in the virtual world.
The compact and rugged design of the AA12, its unique drum magazine, and the iconic grooves of the barrel required considerable attention to detail.
The modeling process began with creating a base mesh, capturing the overall shape and structure of the AA12. Moving on to the high-poly model, I added intricate details such as the charging handle, the ejection port, and the distinctive grooves of the barrel.

Weapon Addons: Railed Foregrip and Shotgun Silencer

In the spirit of customization, I created two addons for the AA12: a railed foregrip and a shotgun silencer.

The railed foregrip was a detailed piece due to its intricate construction. Using Mesh Fusion, I meticulously modeled each rail and the grip's surface to create an addon that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The shotgun silencer presented a different challenge. The goal was to create a compact design that didn't compromise the shotgun's functionality. I concentrated on the silhouette of the silencer, ensuring it didn't obstruct the player's view while maintaining its practical application.

The final result was a virtual AA12 that not only looked like the real weapon but felt like it, truly embodying the power and heft of this automatic shotgun.

Payday 2: The Butcher's BBQ // AA12 Automatic Shotgun

The Heist Masks

The importance wasn't just on the weapons. The heist masks were also a canvas for my creativity.

I was particularly pleased with the fireman mask, which, in the end, was a visually appealing addition to the heist accessories.

Payday 2: The Butcher's BBQ //The Fireman's Mask

The Butcher's BBQ

At last, after a few months of tireless effort and a few revisions, The Butcher's BBQ heist was launched. The response was staggering. Players worldwide embraced the new levels, weapons, and masks. They delighted in the experiences we had crafted, the narratives we had spun, and the gameplay we had brought to life. The pack was a success, and it was fulfilling to see our labor appreciated and cherished.

The Butcher's BBQ was my first project in the Payday 2 universe, but it represented more than just a debut.

It symbolized a reunion with many of my old friends and provided an opportunity to work closely with them once again to create something extraordinary collectively.

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