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Behind the Cards: The story of SuperSport Poker's transformation from vision to reality

An insightful story that unveils the fusion of poker's dynamic spirit with the drive of its creators, catalyzing the development of the esteemed SuperSport Poker application.

Poker Face

There's something about poker that's inherently intriguing, an allure that draws you into the game.

The dimly lit room, the glow from the single lamp hanging overhead, casting long, dramatic shadows across the faces of the players. Eyes darting around, trying to catch a glimpse of their opponents' cards or gauge their emotional state. The tension in the room is palpable as each player tries to bluff their way to victory. The atmosphere can be a bit gloomy, yet there's a certain thrill to it.

When I first embarked on the project to create the SuperSport Poker app, I sought to capture this very essence of the game. My task was not just to design another poker app;

it was to create an experience that would transport users from the confines of their screens into the heart of the poker game itself.

Cards on the Table

Working with minus5, we began the journey of creating this application. The bones of the poker app were already in place thanks to the efforts of another company that played an essential role in laying the groundwork. Our job was to breathe life into the skeletal frame they had provided, to infuse it with the character and personality that SuperSport was renowned for.

In approaching the design, I found myself toggling between two primary objectives.

The first was to ensure that the app exuded that authentic 'pokerish' ambiance I loved so much, the kind that makes you feel like you're sitting at a real poker table.

The second was to tastefully incorporate the SuperSport brand to ensure that its identity was seamlessly woven into the fabric of the app. It was a delicate balancing act, but one that I was determined to achieve.

SuperSport POker // Logo-Amblem

The initial challenge was to formulate a design style that harmoniously integrated the SuperSport brand with the spirit of poker. In pursuit of greater depth and realism, I employed Modo 3D software to model the design, subsequently rendering it in layers—including color and ambient occlusion maps—for additional refinement in Photoshop.

SuperSport POker // General Art Direction

The subsequent step involved determining the overarching artistic direction for the entire application. This served as a fundamental basis for creating and designing all other app screens. Once this foundation was laid, it facilitated the effortless expansion to all other screens and features. This, in turn, provided a firm grounding for other designers to continue their work on the design of the SuperSport Poker application.

Laying the Foundations

I experimented with countless variations, played with 2D and 3D graphics, tweaked and adjusted until I was satisfied. The final designs looked exactly as I had envisioned them. I had managed to lay the foundations and set the art direction that would serve as the base for all variations and platforms on that the game would eventually be played on.

However, the journey was far from over. My role in the project was coming to an end, and it was time for my colleague, Dinko Job, to step in. Dinko was tasked with finalizing the SuperSport Poker, and I couldn't have asked for a more capable person to hand the baton over to.

Watching Dinko take over the project was also a learning experience for me. As a leader, it is crucial to understand how to provide clear and concrete creative direction to your team.

It's not enough to merely instruct; you must inspire, guide, and mentor. You must think from the perspective of others, understand what they need, and facilitate their work. This experience reinforced these lessons and taught me how to be a better leader, mentor, and collaborator.

SuperSport Poker // Leveraging the established artistic direction to extend to the remaining screens

Seven Years of Shuffling

And so, the SuperSport Poker was completed. When I saw the final product, I felt a sense of satisfaction that words couldn't fully capture. It was as if my vision had come to life, manifesting exactly as I had in my mind from day one.

The look, the feel, the user experience – it was all there, just as I had envisioned. Dinko Job did an incredible job bringing the app to finalization, staying true to the original vision while adding his unique touch and personality. His execution was flawless, bringing out the best of the designs and the intended user experience.

Seven years later, the app is still cherished by its users. The SuperSport Poker players love it just as much as they did on the day it was launched. It’s rewarding to know that something you’ve put your heart into is appreciated and enjoyed by so many people.

In the world of poker, they say that you should play the player, not the cards. In design, I believe that you should design for the player, not just the game. And that's exactly what we achieved with the SuperSport Poker.

We didn't just create an app; we created an experience. An experience that captures the essence of poker that transports players into the game, that makes them feel the thrill, the tension, and the excitement.

— And the deck continues to be shuffled

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